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Geneva Information and Tourism: Aerial photo of the city and lakefrontLocated just 5 km / 3 miles north-west of the city of Geneva and next to Les Avachets, Le Grand-Saconnex, Prévessin-Moens and Vernier, Geneva Cointrin International Airport (GVA) boasts annual traffic of over 13 million, along with over 150,000 flights. Geneva's airport straddles the border of France and Switzerland, with part of Cointrin being in each country. Therefore, those wishing to explore the entire airport must ensure that they have their passports so that they can pass freely between the Swiss and French sectors.

Almost 50 airlines use Geneva Cointrin Airport, including the country's very own Swiss International Air Lines and also the popular easyJet Switzerland service. The facility features a single terminal with 110 check-in desks and 17 air bridges, and receives many domestic and international flights from around 100 locations all over the world.

Geneva International Airport (GVA) is well connected to Geneva and the rest of Switzerland and Europe, being just 300 metres / 985 feet from the motorway. There are bus services to the city centre and many popular French ski resorts (Aero Ski buses), while there is also a courtesy bus to local hotels. Car hire at Geneva Airport is available and provides a convenient way to get around this Swiss city, being ideal if you are planning excursions to nearby tourist destinations such as Lausanne, Montreaux or Thonon-les-Bains, with off-peak rates being surprisingly cheap.

Particularly popular at Geneva Airport is the onsite train station, which is situated next to the terminal and offers more than 140 daily services. Frequent trains travel to the centre in just six minutes, where passengers can connect with other European destinations. There are also some direct trains to towns in Switzerland and Italy from the airport station.

About Geneva Tourism

Geneva is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland and sited at the confluence of the Rhone River and Lake Geneva. The city is also a pivotal centre for many major worldwide organisations, such as the United Nations, which is based within the Palais des Nations. Therefore, Geneva Airport (GVA) receives a significant number of business visitors as a result, as well as crowds of tourists.

The city is stunningly picturesque, set as it is on a lake and overshadowed by snow-capped mountains. Many of the most historic visitor attractions in Geneva are based around the Old Town district (Vielle Ville). Must-sees include the iconic Jet d'Eau fountain in Lake Geneva, the International Monument to the Reformation within the university campus, and the glorious St. Pierre Cathedral, which is known for date back to the 12th century.

Contact Geneva International Airport (GVA):
Address: 29 Route de Pre-Bois, Cointrin, CH-1215, Geneva 15, Switzerland
Airport Code: GVA
Tel: +41 22 717 7111
Fax: +41 22 798 43 77
Geneva Airport GVA

Geneva Airport GVA

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