Geneva International Airport (GVA)
Car Parking

(Geneva, Switzerland)

There are both short-term and long-term car parks at Geneva Airport, with a combined capacity of spaces for over 4,500 cars.

Charges vary; the short-term car parks are then most expensive and have strictly enforced penalties for those who overstay the maximum parking periods. The first 10 minutes in all car parks is free.

Payment is made at pay machines in the car parks; they accept both cash and credit cards. To use a credit card, you must swipe your card on entry and on exit. There are also some additional small car parks located near the charter terminal, the rail station and the cargo terminal. For more information on parking telephone: +41 22 717 7099.


There are two short-term car parks: Car Park P2 is a small car park for arrivals and is located opposite the main terminal. It is designed for people meeting passengers and the waiting time here is limited to 1 hour. Car Park P3 is for departures only and has space for 75 cars; it is also situated opposite the main terminal. This is only suitable for dropping-off passengers and there is a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes.


There are three long-term car parks at Geneva Airport. The closest to the airport is Parking Area P1, an underground garage situated close to the terminal building. The two other long-term car parks (Parking Area P51 and Parking Area P20) are situated further away from the terminals (a 5 to 10 minute walk), but they have cheaper rates than Parking Area P1. Parking Area P51 and Parking Area P20 are accessible from Ferney Voltaire in the French sector and they have a combined total of 230 underground parking spaces.


There are dedicated parking spaces for disabled passengers at all of the airport's car parks. These spaces are conveniently situated close to the car park's entrances and exits, and staff are on hand should assistance to the terminal be required.

Geneva Airport GVA

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